The 4th Day

After the weekend ...

The 4th-Day begins on the Sunday night of the 3-Day Weekend and it represents the rest of your life. The Cursillo movement began with the Fourth Day only – small groups meeting regularly in support of one another living as Christians in a predominantly non-Christian world. The three-day weekend came later. (read What is Cursillo? for more information). The weekend experience provides the foundation but the 4th-Day is the real point. After the weekend, those who attended join a Reunion Group and an Ultreya in your area.

The 4th-Day involves:

  • A rule of life in which individuals are encouraged and stimulated to continue to deepen their spiritual life by means of the sacraments, prayer, individual study, spiritual direction and intentional action
  • Group Reunions, where committed individuals meet with others in small groups on a regular basis to review their spiritual progress (prayer, study, action) and to plan ways to bring their Lord to other people
  • Ultreyas where Group Reunions get together with other Group Reunions to share ideas and apostolic successes and disappointments

The point of the 4th-Day is to underscore and support apostolic action. The emphasis is on meeting in order to engage each other in a vital ministry, to share the grace of God with one another, to plan ways to share that grace and to hold each other accountable for carrying out our plans!

*Quoted from The Fourth Day First 1989, NEC Library

Rule of Life
We develop our Rule of Life on the weekend. It consists of a personal commitment to participate in the sacraments, prayer, individual study, spiritual direction and intentional action. Other parts of the 4th-Day are in place to support us as we support others in this commitment.

Group Reunions
Each candidate has a sponsor for the weekend. This sponsor can also help you to get connected with a reunion group and Ultreya in your area. Or you can begin a new group by inviting 2-3 others to meet with you regularly in support each other in and your Rule of Life commitment. Reunion Group members may not have attended a weekend yet. In this case, those who have attended a weekend could assist the newer member in developing a Rule of Life and in sponsorship for a weekend.