Why Cursillo?

For Congregations

  • Accelerates the process of conversion for lay persons
  • Enables new ministries
  • Builds leadership in individuals and teams of workers for the Kingdom
  • Encourages diversity by reaching out to all of God's children
  • Inspires people to share their gifts of time, treasure, and talent
  • Helps the clergy accomplish their goal of building communities that seek to live out the Great Commission

For Dioceses

  • Grows Christ-centered leaders to help the bishop fulfill his/her apostolic plan for the diocese
  • Builds ministers who participate at every level of diocesan planning and ministry
  • Encourages generosity toward the diocese as a response to God's generosity toward us
  • Works to incorporate new populations into the life of the diocese
  • Encourages partnership between clergy and laity
  • Trains evangelists to share the Good News
  • Fosters inter-parish communications and relations

For the Church

  • Provides what our Presiding Bishop has called "the most important tool for evangelism" in the Episcopal Church
  • For more than 30 years has been working to accomplish the goals newly-stated in the 2020 program
  • Focuses attention of laity and clergy on mission - the purpose of the Church
  • Helps export this valuable tool of evangelism to other regions and countries - Puerto Rico, England, Cuba, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, the Virgin Islands, Belize, Ghana