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  • Pilgrim Application
  • Sponsor Application
  • Team Application

  • Interested in making your Cursillo?

    Cursillo is open to all Episcopalians, men, women, married or single. Laity and Clergy are invited to join the fellowship. Husbands and wives can attend the same Cursillo Weekend, or they may go on different weekends. Twenty-eight participants will share a lodge with two persons per room with a private bathroom, sitting area and kitchen. Husbands and wives will be assigned to different table groups so each of you will have a similar but different experience. Handicapped facilities are available.

    What is expected of participants?

    • be open to the experience
    • seek to discover Christ’s lead in your life
    • commit to the entire weekend

    Who should attend a Cursillo weekend?

    Anyone may attend a weekend who is:

    • a baptized Christian;
    • an Episcopalian or a member of a Christian denomination that is in good standing with the Episcopal church;
    • physically able to fully participate in the Weekend;
    • open and willing to participate in the Fourth Day;
    • able to participate in communal activities;
    • Lives in or near an Active Cursillo community; and
    • able to receive and participate fully in the Sacraments.

    How can I make Cursillo weekend or join a Reunion Group?

    Pray about it! For the Three-Day Weekend, every participant will need a sponsor. This is a person who has already attended a weekend and is active in group Reunion and Ultreya. Your sponsor will assist you in joining a Reunion Group and Ultreya and in preparation for the weekend. They will also be a support for you after the weekend. If you know someone in your Parish who has attended a Cursillo weekend, ask them to tell you about their 4th Day and about how to get involved. Let your Rector know about your interest. Your rector could connect you with a sponsor from your Parish or another Parish. Once you have a sponsor, you may submit an application for the Three-day weekend. There is a nominal feel for the weekend and payment is required with your application. Scholarship money is available if needed.

    Becoming a Sponsor

    The responsibilities of a sponsor include:

    Pre-Cursillo (before the weekend):

    • Sponsors should first be active, leading a Christian live and be a living witness for Christ.
    • Pray for participants continuously.
    • Sponsor only one participant at a time.
    • Talk with the participant about all aspects of Cursillo. Use the brochure to lead your discussion and answer any questions.
    • Assist the applicant in obtaining and completing the participant application. This may include walking the application through for clergy signatures and assuring it is completed and submitted before the deadline.
    • Complete the sponsorship form and submit along with the participant's application
    • Seek scholarship funds from the Secretariat if needed

    Cursillo (during the weekend)

    • Pray for participants continuously.
    • Make sure the participant takes everything she needs for the weekend.
    • Provide or arrange transportation.
    • Provide or arrange child or pet care.
    • Arrange personal palanca (prayers and letters) for the participant, especially from family and others who could provide special offerings. Individuals offering palanca do not need to have attended a weekend.
    • Attend closing.

    Post-Cursillo (after the weekend)

    • Attend the Diocesan Grand Ultreya with the Cursillista you sponsered. This event is normally scheduled on a Saturday 2 or 3 weeks after the Cursillo Weekend.
    • Assist and encourage the Cursillista in joining the 4th-Day life including Group Reunion, Ultreya, Spiritual Direction or other 4th –Day activity.
    • Enlist assistance from a co-sponsor if he is unable to fulfill all of these responsibilities.


    Interested in Serving on a Cursillo Weekend Team?

    If you have made your Cursillo and would like to serve as a team member on a 3-Day weekend the first step is to complete and submit a Team Application. Team members are chosen up to six months prior to a scheduled weekend so all applications should be in by this time. The Lay Rector and assistant Lay Rectors for each weekend put together a team proposal that is then approved by the secretariat.

    Every application is not chosen for each team. A strong application will include the following:

    • You have not served on the previous two weekends.
    • If you have served on any previous weekend, you exhibited an ability to work well with others and showed a commitment to the team.
    • You are willing to take any team position as it is assigned.
    • You are specific about the kinds of skills you have to offer the team.
    • You are committed to attend all 3 team meetings prior to the weekend and serve for the entire weekend.
    • You are active in Group Reunion, Ultreya and Grand Ultreya.
    • You agree not be a sponsor while also serving on team.
    • Alcohol is not permitted on any Cursillo Weekend.