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Servant Community

The Servant Community comprises Cursillistas working to develop leaders active in the environment of Cursillo. This community is an additional method for linking Christians as they grow spiritually and in commitment to evangelizing their environments.

The Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina regions (East, Northwest, South) each have Regional Servant Community Leaders identifying parish-level Cursillistas as Parish Servant Community Leader for their particular parish.

The Parish Servant Community Leaders locate individuals responsible for the following committees within each parish:

  • Pre-Cursillo
  • Three Day Weekend
  • Fourth Day
  • Communication

If you want to participate, please complete the Are You Willing to Assist in the Servant Community? form so your Regional Servant Community Leader will know how you'd like to help.


Expectations for a Regional Servant Community Leader

The Secretariat is updating names of all Cursillistas in the Diocese of North Carolina. The Regional Servant Community Leader(s) responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Find one or two Cursillistas at each parish within your region who can collect names of all Cursillistas. This can be accomplished with a notice in the parish newsletter, and/or an insert in both Sunday worship service bulletins for one month. The following are needed:

    • Name, address, phone, cell and email address
    • When and where did they make a Cursillo?
    • Have they served on a Cursillo team?
    • Would they be willing to serve on a Team?

  2. This information shall be sent to the Fourth Day Rector(s) and the Secretary of the Secretariat. Set a date of one month to compile this information.

  3. Encourage the same one or two Cursillistas at each parish to form a Servant Community within the parish. They would become the Parish Servant Community Leader(s).

  4. Review the Job Descriptions for the Servant Community which consist of the four areas of responsibility:

    • Pre Cursillo
    • Cursillo weekend
    • Fourth Day
    • Communications

How to Make a Donation

Cursillo is supported by contributions from people like you. You may give in two ways:

The Harold Eisner Fund is set aside for scholarships for the 3-day weekend and can be used for candidates or team members.

The General Fund supports the overall expenses of Cursillo, mailings and newsletter production, this website, supplies for the weekend and so forth.

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You can also donate by sending your check to:

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