Fourth Day Activities

Kairos Prison Ministry

The Kairos Prison Ministry is an outgrowth of Cursillo and is a prison ministry of continuing presence. Once a person commits to serve on a team, he or she has committed to eight meetings for team preparation, to the three days of the weekend event conducted in the prison, and to a monthly reunion of team and residents each month for twelve months. It is an awesome commitment, and only the mystery we read of in Matthew 25:33 can explain why busy people are willing to take on such a task, and do it repeatedly. Guided by a simple motto of "Listen, Listen, Love, Love," it is a ministry practiced in groups rather than individually.

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Daughters of the King (DOK)

Vision Statement:

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, our vision as Daughters of the King® is to know Jesus Christ, to make Him known to others, and to become reflections of God’s love throughout the world.

Who We Are:

The Order of the Daughters of the King® (DOK) is a spiritual sisterhood of women dedicated to a life of Prayer, Service and Evangelism. We have made a commitment to Jesus as our Savior, and we follow Him as Lord of our lives. We are an Order for women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church, churches in communion with it, or churches in the Historic Episcopate. Today our membership includes women in the Anglican, Episcopal, Lutheran (ELCA) and Roman Catholic churches.

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Epiphany Ministry, Inc

Epiphany Ministry is an ecumenical Christian ministry for young men and women who are in the custody of Juvenile Custody Facilities. The weekend models on which it is based are: Chrysalis, Cross, Cursillo, Happening, Kairos Prison Ministry, and Walk to Emmaus. Their purpose is to manifest God's love to incarcerated youth, known as "stars", through a three-day short course in Christianity and an ongoing follow-up program. Each Epiphany weekend involves a team of adults and youth from the Christian community who work together to show the love of God to those attending.

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Education for Ministry (EfM)

Education for Ministry (EfM) is an international program of lay theological education established in 1975. Participants in the EfM program study the breadth of the Christian tradition from the earliest period to the present. Students learn the disciplines of biblical critical interpretation (exegesis), systematic theology, church history, ethics, liturgics, and ascetical theology.
Students belong to small “communities of learning” or seminars in which the events of each person’s life may be examined in the light of the materials being studied. While the course materials provide substantial academic content, the focus of the program is on life as ministry and in understanding that ministry.

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Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

The Episcopal Church Women in the Diocese of North Carolina are dedicated to sharing the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ by engaging in worship, prayer, study, service and fellowship.

Any woman who is a member of the Episcopal Church automatically belongs to ECW. That's it. There are no special criteria or tests or initiations required. The extent to which a woman is involved in organized ECW activity is up to her.
As a longtime women's ministry within the Episcopal Church, USA , ECW is structured much as the church is structured. That is, there's a national office, a provincial office (Province IV in the case of North Carolina ), and a diocesan office followed by parish "branches." Sometimes, an ECW branch is so large and busy it divides into smaller units known as "chapters". Each of these entities builds on the other. All are deeply rooted in "domestic and foreign missionary work," and, importantly, all are led by the laity.At all levels, the ECW maintains tight affiliations with the Altar Guild, Church Periodical Club and United Thank Offering, related national church organizations also led by women. In fact, these three entities are actively represented on the Executive Board of North Carolina 's Diocesan ECW.

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The International Order of St. Luke the Physician

The International Order of St. Luke the Physician is an ecumenical organization dedicated to the Christian healing ministry. Members meet together in local chapters to study Scripture, especially the biblical stories of the healing miracles, as well as other books on Christian healing. Members also engage in healing prayer, often with the laying-on of hands.

The Order was founded in 1932 by the late John Gayner Banks and his wife, Ethel Tulloch Banksas, and was incorporated in the State of California in 1953. Our purpose has been to restore the ministry of healing to its proper place in the Christian Church. Initially, the focus of the Order was to promote healing services in every church. We continue that commitment to healing within the church by seeking to create more time in our worship for healing services. While it is still an important part of our ministry, it is no longer our sole concern. Today our focus also includes extending our healing ministry beyond the church and into the greater community.

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